Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its Been A Long TIme Coming

 Hey followers! So the last little while for my family has been going at 100 mph! 
We just moved to Denver Colorado and went on a month long trip to Europe so I'm way too far behind on this blog. I promise from here on out I'll be better! Since I now live in Denver I don't have much of a client base so i'm taking this opportunity to shadow the VERY talented Jessica McAllister! I can't wait to mentor with such a talented artist! Until then, 
here is the Wing Wedding


This was a really special wedding for me. The Groom has been by my side almost every day since I was 15 years old and I never thought he'd get married because I wasn't even sure he'd find anyone good enough for him, and then he met this beautiful bride. 

I was so glad when Darlene asked me to shoot their wedding because I really needed to get to know her better. 
Turns out
I worried for nothing
she's perfect for Tyson in all the ways I hoped she would be
and a lot of the ways I never even thought of 

Congratulations you guys :)
Love you always, 



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