Saturday, May 18, 2013

The future Mrs. Ence!

Okay I'm about 20 sessions behind on my blog! Honestly things have been piling up because I have been WAITING AND WAITING to show this bridal session! 
This bride is very special to me, she's my baby sister (in-law) Dani and she was waiting to have her Fiance see the dress until their big day so i've been holding off for 2 MONTHS on showing these bad boys! 

>> we ordered this one in a 20x30 metal print and it turned out AMAZING!! <<
I absolutely love metals!
>> and my grand finale favorite  <<
I asked a farmer if we could shoot on his property, towards the end of our shoot they brought out this gorgeous horse and said "We thought you might like a picture with a horse, maybe?" They even put on a blue bridal to match her flowers! too cute! I love making new friends while out at session :)

 Congratulations you guys!
We love you!


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