Saturday, September 22, 2012


Last week I up and decided to fly to Salt Lake and attend the Professional Photographers Associations Annual Regional Conference! It was a life changing experience to say the least! The classes were great and I enjoyed them but the part I loved the most was all the professionals I met and got to know! I was hanging out all day with these amazing photographers who were so willing to answer all of my millions of questions ha ha ha. They were so great and helped me and my studio in ways that I could never have learned by myself. The conference was 4 days long and I was pretty much doing "conference stuff" from sun up to sun down!
 I was in heaven! 

While I was there Jeff Johnson and Tom Hern (two pro's and past presidents of the PPA) came and introduced themselves to me and asked if I wanted to go out shooting with them! We ended up going and shooting all over Down Town and I loved every minute of it!
 Tom and Jeff of course answered all of my obnoxious questions on how to get your masters, where to stay at nationals, whats the best way to create your workflow, what programs do you use, what lenses can't you live without, how to go Loan on a print! We shot for hours and then headed back to the conference for another full day of awesome classes!

 For any photog's that read this blog I would HIGHLY recommend becoming a PPA member, not so you can go to nationals or go to the conferences but for the people you meet and the resources you gain! That is priceless for me!

in the studio!

While I was in Utah I blew my savings and bought me some new lenses, new accesories and the all new JUST released 2 days ago
 Nikon D600!! 

 I can't wait till it all comes in the mail!!!