Thursday, February 28, 2013

SURPRISE!! // HILARIOUS testimonial!


I've had so many clients need me back in utah that I've decided to make a few trips out
just for the love of all of you!
I still have some space available and they will go fast so if you'd like a session grab one up!
I can't wait to see you all again!

>> As a bonus on this post i'm gonna add a HILARIOUS testimonial I got the other day! <<

I ask my clients to leave testimonials about my work and my studio after my employment with them,
this helps me to improve my business.

well I asked a friend of mine to leave his the other day and this is what he left for me in my inbox...

"Megan was a good friend of mine in college and when we reconnected after several years and I saw her work, I knew I wanted her to do a shoot for me! My fiancé and I set up the appointment and Megan was so professional from the very start. She made us so comfortable during the shoot, which has not been true of my photographers in the past. As we posed there naked for the shoot, I could tell that Megan has had a lot of experience with nude photography. She even made sure the room was the right temperature to avoid any embarrassing physical reactions to the cold.
She did a great job of putting us in interesting poses and vignettes that I’d never conceived before. Her imagination really is unrivaled in this field. She uses the light and shadow so tactfully to hide body parts and accentuate others. She must do lots of research beforehand. In the past, we found our obese bodies difficult to photograph (I am 420lbs, my wife is 380), but Megan really showed her colors and did some amazing work for us. I jiggle with delight as I recall our great shoot.
I would absolutely recommend Megan for anyone looking for some memorable, unmatched nude photography. Our 11x17 prints in our front room are great conversation pieces and we wouldn’t trade them for anything."

ha ha ha ha Thanks for the laugh Adam!