Friday, May 31, 2013

Vallen and Carl // New Studio!

Big news in the studio today! I moved to Denver about a year ago and started slowly working my way into the wedding circuit. Well, about 6 months ago I actually got picked up by an international wedding photography studio! 
 >> It has been my DREAM job! <<
They are sending me weddings and portrait sessions left and right and I am loving every minute of it! I'm meeting so many new clients and friends, I'm shooting all over Colorado and getting booked at the most extravagant venues I've ever seen! The studio is based out of Chicago and has hubs all over the country
 Miami, Seattle, Arizona, Illinois, NYC, Etc.

I got brought on as a Lead at their Denver hub! 
So announcing my new slot in an amazing studio!

I've been instagramming these so I need to finally get them on the blog and site!
This is my girl Vallen and her man Carl!
Vallen is a fellow George Streeter! 
She's the Denver Assignment Manager who's been getting me booked so much!
.love her.
cutest couple you've ever seen!
and such a willing Fiancé for pictures


Saturday, May 18, 2013

The future Mrs. Ence!

Okay I'm about 20 sessions behind on my blog! Honestly things have been piling up because I have been WAITING AND WAITING to show this bridal session! 
This bride is very special to me, she's my baby sister (in-law) Dani and she was waiting to have her Fiance see the dress until their big day so i've been holding off for 2 MONTHS on showing these bad boys! 

>> we ordered this one in a 20x30 metal print and it turned out AMAZING!! <<
I absolutely love metals!
>> and my grand finale favorite  <<
I asked a farmer if we could shoot on his property, towards the end of our shoot they brought out this gorgeous horse and said "We thought you might like a picture with a horse, maybe?" They even put on a blue bridal to match her flowers! too cute! I love making new friends while out at session :)

 Congratulations you guys!
We love you!