Monday, May 4, 2015

Megan + Nate

Hey everyone! I'm still here I promise! While I lived in Colorado I got brought on by a studio that kept me crazy busy with weddings! I completely loved it! I met so many awesome people and shot at so many amazing venues all over Colorado! I was so busy though, that my blog and website completely suffered! So now that I am back in Utah with 2 kiddos I'm going to take this time to catch up on my website and blog! So to start that off

This was my very last wedding in Colorado :(  I did this couples Engagements and loved them SO MUCH I decide to extend my leave date just to shoot their wedding! So bless their heart for putting up with a 7 month pregnant photographer but they're wedding was the perfect finish to my 2 years shooting in Colorado.

Their ceremony was off the dock of a lake up in a mountain town in Colorado. Their bridal party was fun and crazy and full of liquor and I loved every minute of spending the day with all of them! Thanks Nate and Meg for letting me be a part of your day!