Friday, August 23, 2013

Marni's Maternity

This beautiful woman is my life long friend Marni. We met on the first day of the 7th grade, I got pushed and landed on top of her desk and it was love at first sight :) She earned the nickname Squid in Jr. High so thats always what we've called her. We've been through a lot and she's become my 2nd sister. My favorite thing about her is she's not anything anyone else wants her to be. She is so natural and simple and I admire her independent personality. She married a great guy who we all love and supports her so much in her natural life style, so much that he let her be nuts and do an all natural at home birth for their first baby! WHAT A WOMAN! She's amazing in all things and I love her so much. Congrats on your baby girl Squid & Paul!! 


Paul Robertson said...

Wow, Megan i thought i already knew how beautiful my wife is. Then i looked at these photos.

mogali said...

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