Monday, August 19, 2013

The Cutest Little Backyard Wedding

I had the great opportunity to shoot a wedding of a good friend of mine a couple weeks ago. She was on my volleyball team in high school but was much younger than I was so I never got the time to know her. Then as fate would have it, 5 years later, I ended up moving to St. George next door to her big brother and sister-in-law who would quickly become our best friends. Soon after that she moved in with them and she met her handsome fiancé Lewis. This beautiful bride has been through all the ups and downs of life and love and she has finally found an amazing man who will take care of her like she deserves for the rest of her life. We so much appreciate Lewis for stepping in and being the perfect man for our Kayla. Good luck in all your years to come you two! Love you!
My favorite part about shooting weddings is "The Mess Up". EVERY couple I have ever shot has had one and 95% of the time they are adorable mistakes that give the day such a fun memory. 
This one I think topped my list of favorites! 
During the ceremony the groom said "I do" way before he was supposed to and the couple instantly burst into laughter, the groom then turned to the congregation and said "I'M SORRY I'M JUST SO EXCITED!! LETS DO THIS!" ha ha ha!! 
It was so cute and so romantic. I hope he wasn't too embarrassed about that because I bet his new wife thought it was adorable! 



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